Fire Safety & Emergency Management

What We Do

Fire men taking the fire out

Fire Safety are responsible for overseeing a number of life safety systems on Campus. Systems such as fire alarms and sprinklers require annual testing; as well, every heat and smoke detector, manual pull station, speaker or bell, flow switch and valve are tested every year. 

Specialty systems such as gaseous and pre-action systems, which protect sensitive electronics like MRI machines and server rooms, require semiannual testing. 

Over 100,000 devices, spread over 9 million square feet, are inspected and tested annually to ensure proper operation at all times.  Western has over 5,000 portable fire extinguishers which are also an integral part of providing a safe campus.  The Fire Safety team not only ensures these units are kept in good working order, they also provide free training.   Fire extinguisher training is similar to first aid training, and anyone can become certified. Education and training is a proven method to increase awareness and encourage persons to take a proactive approach to fire safety. 

Fire Safety staff regularly meet with kitchen staff, daycare providers, and residence staff to answer questions, review operations and provide guidance so that everyone can understand and meet their fire safety obligations.  During emergency situations Fire Safety works with responding teams, such as London Fire, to support liasons between Western and emergency responders.