Fire Safety & Emergency Management


February/March Fire Drills 2020

Western University Fire Safety staff will be conducting fire drills across campus starting in February 2020.  

Building occupants are reminded that University Policy requires a FULL EVACUATION upon activation of the fire alarm system. 

Building Emergency Coordinators (BEC) Responsibilities:

Recruit Building Emergency Team members (BETs) to assist with the safe and efficient evacuation of building occupants (at least two per floor, but more is always better)

Establish a safe area for occupants to meet outside the building

Designate a safe area on each floor for occupants to shelter in place if they require assistance to evacuate the building

Outfit all BET members with a blue vest and ensure they are aware of their responsibilities when the fire alarm is activated

Building Emergency Team (BET) Responsibilities:

Don your blue vest and usher building occupants to their NEAREST EXIT.  (use stairwells only as elevators will not work)

Do a sweep of your floor to verify that all occupants have evacuated and ensure all doors are closed

Never force occupants to leave.  If someone refuses to evacuate the building, report their name and location to the Police or Fire Department once you have evacuated

If there are occupants that require assistance to evacuate, ensure they are ushered to the designated safe area to shelter in place.  Notify the Fire Department of their location and the number of people that require assistance to evacuate

*Remember that your own personal safety is paramount!  Only complete your BET responsibilities if it is safe to do so! 

Kitchen Safety Tips Video

The best way to prevent kitchen fires is to exercise caution when cooking, especially on stovetop burners.  It is also important to never leave the kitchen unattended when preparing a meal.  Check out the link below to a video with more information about how to prevent and how to extinguish kitchen fires.

Kitchen Fire Video