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    Fire Safety: supports a safe campus environment

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    Fire Safety: supports a safe campus environment

Fire Safety Tip

Fire extinguishers, pull stations, and hoses are NOT toys!  They are placed in the building for your protection.

Discharging a fire extinguisher or activating a pull station WILL result in a full Fire Department response.  Please only use them in an emergency situation.


News & Events

Fall Fire Drills 2021

The Western University Fire Safety team will once again be conducting building fire drills during the fall months. These drills are in important tool in guaging how prepared building occupants are for a fire emergency, especially during these times where much of the building staff may be working remotely. Western Fire Safety is engaged with building supervisory staff to ensure proper procedures are in place and being followed should an evacuation condition arise, and annual life safety system inspections are proceeding as required. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call or email!

COVID-19 Building Evacuation Guidance

Please refer to THIS document for updated COVID-19 guidlines and procedures to follow during a builing evacuation condition


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